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8 Must-See Technology Panels at SXSW Social Impact 2018

SXSW is commonly recognized as a breakout event for technology companies or a place where musicians showcase their talents. However, there is a less recognized, but equally important, category dedicated entirely to social impact.

Activists, foundations, nonprofits, and social enterprises will gather March 10 – 14 in Austin, Texas. They'll discuss topics such as gun violence prevention, going beyond a Facebook update to make a difference, and how to master the art of storytelling for your cause.

illustration of a podium with two microphones; one is talking about the scales of justice, representing social impact technology panels at the sxsw conference

Here are eight panels worth bookmarking for this year's SXSW Social Impact 2018 conference. If you can't make it in person, you can always check back a little later and see if these panels have been posted to the SXSW YouTube channel.

Can Data End Veteran Homelessness? Ask Virginia

Can something as impersonal as aggregate data inform a human solution? See how Virginia used data to become the first state to functionally end veteran homelessness.

Connecting the Unconnected to the Internet

This panel will focus on digital inclusion and how populations without equal access have creatively built their way towards economic, education, cultural, and civic opportunities.

Human Rights Policy in a Connected World

How does technology impact policy, particularly in the area of human rights? This panel explores new challenges and solutions in the human rights sector brought upon by technology.

Power in Numbers: Ideas + Tech in the #MeToo Era

Those who identify as women face unique challenges when it comes to personal safety. This panel will explore how technology might be a catalyst to reducing the number of crimes against women.

Humans and Machines Unite to Change the World

Automation powered by artificial intelligence can dramatically improve the pace in which we find both insights and solutions. This conversation will center around how humans and machines can join forces to create bigger impact.

Let's Tech the Borders Down

Techfugees' CEO Josephine Goube will shed light upon how human migration has promoted innovation. She will also share how a Facebook post evolved into a global movement.

Race and Digital Sanctuary in 2018

Sanctuary cities are making headlines around the nation, but how does sanctuary apply to the digital world? Join Maya Wiley, civil rights activist and New School's vice president for social justice, to discuss the safety of vulnerable populations in an online world.

Tech Innovation to Fight Child Exploitation

Technology has introduced a new dimension to threats against children. However, cybersecurity specialists believe that the public can come together and use technology to fight back.

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