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Fundraising in the Time of COVID: A TechSoup Roundup

It just doesn't seem like the right time for fundraising. But how should nonprofits fundraise during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here is our roundup of ideas!

March 27, 2020


8 Tips for Holding Virtual Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a large number of nonprofits to work remotely. Discover some best practices for holding virtual meetings during these times.

March 18, 2020

Social Media

Staying in the Know: Using Tech to Tell You the News

Having trouble keeping up with sector-specific trends and news for your nonprofit? Read this post and discover a few tips about how to stay in the know!

March 17, 2020

Social Media

5 Nonprofit Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind for 2020

Discover new marketing trends for your nonprofit: new ways to grow your brand awareness, drive impact, and accelerate funding, all with a bite-sized budget!

March 16, 2020

Social Media

MEGAPHONE: Helping Human Rights Activists Collaborate and Improve

MEGAPHONE is TechSoup Europe's international two-day event that provides space for collaborative discussions and peer-to-peer learning. Read more about it!

March 10, 2020


Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If your nonprofit can operate in this COVID-19 outbreak with its staff members all working remotely from home, we hope you find these resources useful.

March 06, 2020

Web Development

Create Beautiful Websites for Your Nonprofit (No Coding Required)

If you need a website for your nonprofit, but you don’t have the coding skills, Wix can be the solution. Discover how you can create an amazing website!

February 18, 2020

Marketing and Communications

Fundraising Trends in 2020

Fundraising is a difficult but essential part of nonprofit life, and the fundraising landscape is changing constantly. Get some tips for attracting funds!

February 07, 2020

Web Development

5 Quick Fixes to Make Your Nonprofit's Website Flourish

Attract more volunteers, donors, and constituents for your nonprofit with a healthy website. Discover more quick fixes to improve your nonprofit's website!

February 03, 2020


Understanding the Videoconferencing Tools Available to Your Nonprofit

Take a look on TechSoup's marketplace and discover the tools for nonprofits that need to host meetings with remote workers, external partners, or volunteers.

January 30, 2020


Thinking Outside the Inbox

For productivity, communication and collaboration tools are better than email. TechSoup has a great selection of this type of tool for NGOs. Discover them!

January 29, 2020

Marketing and Communications

Are Digital Ads the Missing Piece in Your 2020 Marketing Plan?

Digital advertising has never been easier, and you can try it in your nonprofit’s 2020 marketing plan. Discover new things to try this year in your strategy!

January 24, 2020