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Using Collaborative Data Collection to Combat Human Trafficking

The anti-trafficking sector needs collaborative data collection. Learn more about the UAS nonprofit’s mission and how QuickBooks Online makes it easier.

July 20, 2021

Marketing and Communications

Boost Your Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides accessible online marketing tools for success, giving you all the support to increase your nonprofit's online presence. Learn more!

July 16, 2021

Web Development

A Closer Look at the Safe Shelter Collaborative from Caravan Studios

Safe Shelter Collaborative is a platform that allows agencies to find shelter faster for survivors of domestic violence and the like. Learn more about it!

July 14, 2021

Marketing and Communications

Key Insights from the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Report

Discover some highlights from the M+R Benchmarks Study about how nonprofit organizations have used email and SMS messaging to market themselves in 2020.

July 12, 2021


TechSoup Admin Fees to Increase on Selected Programs and Services

Periodically, we review and adjust admin fees to reflect the fair market value of products. This helps us provide as many resources as possible. Read more!

July 09, 2021


We Are on the Home Stretch of Our Growth Capital Campaign

Discover what TechSoup’s Growth Capital Campaign is about, the purpose of it, where we are now, and how you can help and support us to cross the finish line.

July 08, 2021


July 2021 Library Tech Newsbytes

In July’s newsbytes you will find more about the emergency connectivity fund reimbursements, the national e-book collaboration, human libraries, and more!

July 07, 2021


Making the Most of Slack at Your Nonprofit

With Slack, you can manage volunteers, work seamlessly across teams and time zones, share files, and so much more. Discover how to use it at your nonprofit!

July 07, 2021

Social Media

What's Next in Nonprofit Technology

Discover a couple of interesting chatbots, some surprising trends, what the future of work is, where nonprofit tech is at the moment, and much more!

July 06, 2021

Social Media

How to Multiply Your Nonprofit's Twitter Impressions with Automation

With automatic posting on Twitter, you can increase engagement and impressions and reach audiences more effectively for your nonprofit. Learn more!

July 06, 2021


How Museums Use AI and Tech to Improve Visitor Experiences

Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing how museums operate and the way people experience them today. Discover some uses of AI and how it helps!

July 05, 2021


What You Need to Know About Changes to TechSoup's AWS Credits Program

As of July 1, 2021, TechSoup has made changes to the credit limit and admin fee for AWS, in order to empower more organizations to use it. Discover more!

July 01, 2021