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Web Development

Developing a Platform to Fight for Environmental Justice in Latin America

Read more about Xinampa and their open-source platform, which could help save hundreds of lives, get justice for the marginalized, and more.

August 23, 2019

Social Media

Create Inspiring Fundraising Videos with Adobe Premiere Rush

Because video continues to be a powerful medium to engage with nonprofit donors and supporters, it's time to find out more about this type of content

August 21, 2019


27 Top Productivity Tools for Nonprofits

Discover 27 notable solutions that might help you in the day-to-day operations at your nonprofit. You can find some of them at a lower cost at TechSoup!

August 20, 2019

Web Development

3 Coding Events to Inspire the Next Generation

Follow, celebrate, and support these three fantastic coding programs and inspire the next generation. Discover more about digital skills!

August 14, 2019

Social Media

7 Steps to Fundraising from Millennials: Getting Them to Give

Millennials are motivated by the goal of making the world a better place and tend to be much more cause-driven than previous generations.

August 13, 2019

Donor Management

How to Cultivate Big Donors with a Small Staff

Discover six strategies that can help your nonprofit when embarking on major donor cultivation, even if your development department is tiny. Read more!

August 09, 2019


How TechSoup and Kintone Are Building Tools to Address Food Insecurity

TechSoup and Kintone want your feedback on building tools to help end food insecurity.

August 09, 2019

Social Media

Making the Most of Social Media: A Guide for Faith-Based Organizations

Find tips and tricks for your nonprofit's social media activity, what type of content to share, and which platform to use. Discover more from TechSoup!

August 08, 2019

Marketing and Communications

The Essential Guide to Modernizing Your Fundraising

Discover the steps you need to follow for upgrading your tech toolkit and how to put your nonprofit's tech upgrades and improvements into action.

August 06, 2019

Marketing and Communications

How to Build and Sustain a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving is the fastest growing segment of digital fundraising, offering benefits for both donors and nonprofits. Learn more

August 01, 2019


Introducing: The Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits

Read more about innovative learning opportunities for nonprofits and how the Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits can help your organization!

July 29, 2019


Exploring the Potential of Investing for Impact

Learn key takeaways from a variety of practitioners who gathered in a Technology Salon to discuss how impact investing can lead to positive change.

July 26, 2019