a nonprofit staffer holding a cellphone, representing the need for internet safety for nonprofits

Get the Guide: 12 Steps to Internet Safety for Nonprofits

Let's be honest — no one thing you do is going to keep you safe from malware or hacker attacks. It takes a multipronged, multilayered approach to really improve your chances at keeping your organization, its data, and its staff more secure.

Our guide, 12 Tips to Stay Safer Online, provides 12 practical things to consider when evaluating your organization's security, as well as tips for addressing those potential security issues.

illustration of nonprofit it security icons, such as a lock, key, exclamation mark, hard drives, virus, and zeros and ones

The guide is divided into four sections: securing your technology at work, keeping it safe when you're away from the office, practicing safer social media practices, and protecting your data in the cloud. It's formatted as a PDF, so you can view it on just about any device.