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Discover Better Board Governance with OnBoard

TechSoup is proud to be partnering with OnBoard, a virtual meeting management tool. OnBoard provides all of the tools that boards, executives, and administrators need to communicate effectively with each other, complete tasks, and share information remotely. All of this creates space in your board meetings to focus on what is important, leading to fruitful discussions and more positive outcomes.

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An All-in-One Board Management Solution

OnBoard provides nonprofits with a comprehensive suite of secure meeting tools to make the time your board has together more productive. OnBoard combines a board book and agenda builder that is compatible with all file types on a central platform. It allows you to centralize all announcements, communications, tasks, document signing, votes, resource access, and scheduling. By centralizing all of your board information and activities in one customizable dashboard, you reduce time spent on administration, while ensuring that everyone has real-time access to the most up-to-date information.


Advanced Preparation

When your board of directors meets, you need everyone to have the most up-to-date information, which is why OnBoard automatically updates across all devices when a change is made. You can even pre-publish part of the board book, which will save you time and allow you to spend more time discussing important decisions in your nonprofit meetings.

Co-authoring helps to take the stress out of meeting preparation by delegating permissions to collaborate on meeting agendas and resources. The notes and annotations feature is central for board members, helping them collect and share their thoughts in advance of the meeting. And the centralized board book and agenda serve as a cornerstone for their meeting discussions.

OnBoard also delivers data insights that can make an enormous difference to your meetings. You can see which elements of a meeting or book are getting the most attention, which helps to inform your meeting preparation. By knowing which parts of the meeting are receiving the most scrutiny, you can be fully prepared for the questions that are likely to be posed. Additionally, you can use this information to create a feedback loop, helping you prepare more effectively for future meetings.

Effective Execution

When you've prepared thoroughly for your meeting, you have space for strategic and mission-focused discussions. With OnBoard's collective agenda builder, everyone will have had the opportunity to request meeting topics, and integrations with video conferencing software make it possible to seamlessly meet online. Secure messaging within the platform makes it possible to ask questions and communicate with individuals outside of meeting time and drive higher board engagement.

OnBoard enables you to meet virtually and stay connected using the native web conferencing and in built-in messenger from within the same application, and also allows you to sign documents, vote on and approve requests, and answer surveys. This all happens online, meaning that your directors can simply respond whenever they have a moment. You can also assign tasks to colleagues, to ensure that everyone knows what they need to accomplish.

By signing documents virtually and voting on key issues before a meeting, you can increase productivity and come to discussions fully informed and prepared. Approvals can go through without a fuss, and everyone can express their opinion about a matter before the meeting starts, facilitating a more productive — and enjoyable — meeting.

Managing Change

When a new director joins the board, they have a lot of information to take in. With OnBoard's open communication channels, they can feel connected to the organization right away and get instant access to any news. Plus, OnBoard's unlimited repository keeps an archive of every meeting, decision, and document. This means that new directors can, at the click of a button, find the reasoning for a past decision or the context for an ongoing discussion. Hosting your director onboarding and training within OnBoard allows new members to review the information at their convenience on any device, from anywhere.

In the event of a crisis, you need to know that your technology is there for you. OnBoard's native iOS and Android applications and ease of access through any web browser allow you to convene your board and leverage their expertise in real time.


In order to trust a platform with sensitive information, you need to know that it will look after your data. OnBoard offers world-class security in partnership with Microsoft Azure and is compliant with a huge range of information security standards, including HIPAA, SOC 2, and GLBA.

Your data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest and is protected by two-factor authentication as well as remote lock and data wipe in the case of a device being misplaced. Breach monitoring helps you to stay one step ahead of any attempted cyberattacks, and usage logs ensure that you know exactly who has access to your data. Nonprofits often hold sensitive data relating to their work, beneficiaries, and volunteers, so it is of the utmost importance that any tools you use are dedicated to protecting that data. OnBoard prioritizes your security and takes every precaution to ensure that your information is protected.

Better Board Governance Begins with OnBoard

OnBoard can help you to work more effectively, have more productive meetings, and bring your board together remotely. Check it out in the TechSoup marketplace today!

Through the TechSoup marketplace, nonprofits can get a 70 percent discount on an annual OnBoard Core subscription, and a 50 percent discount on any optional add-ons. You can request this offer through TechSoup, after which you'll pay OnBoard directly.

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