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Empowering Change Through Data

Nonprofits deal with many data points, from donor profiles to volunteer records and program metrics. In order for organizations to make the most of the data they have, it's important for them to invest in the tools and expertise to understand it. Leveraging these tools enables nonprofits to cultivate meaningful relationships, operate efficiently, and ultimately realize their missions with a more significant and sustained impact.

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Modernizing Tech Stacks Using Data

Advancing Innovation in Dermatology (AID) is a nonprofit organization committed to catalyzing the development of new solutions that can significantly improve skin health. Through multiple initiatives, activities, and actions, AID provides support, resources, and a nexus for individuals and organizations who are effecting change in dermatology by creating the next generation of innovative and impactful products. Its primary goal is to drive innovation through virtual and in-person events that bring together the top minds in dermatology for networking, collaboration, and education.

AID partnered with Tapp Network through TechSoup Services to modernize its tech stack, clarify its messaging, and define its key target audiences. This was the primary objective of this partnership:

  • Simplify how data is being tracked and reported
  • Create a single source of constituent information
  • Define the key audiences and ensure that communication aligns with their individual drivers
  • Enhance reporting to determine demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral similarities within their audience

Tapp Network audited all messaging, data, and technology in use to develop a roadmap to achieve these goals.


Developing and Implementing a Plan

Tapp Network stepped in to develop a comprehensive plan. They began by thoroughly assessing AID's existing tech stack, identifying areas that required improvement. This initial phase involved in-depth discussions with AID's team about their specific goals and challenges.

Tapp Network then created a tailored plan that outlined the steps necessary to transition to HubSpot successfully. They addressed critical aspects such as data migration, system integration, and automation strategies. The method considered AID's unique mission and requirements, ensuring that the technology solutions aligned seamlessly with their objectives. Through this meticulous planning process, Tapp Network provided AID with a clear roadmap for the tech stack revamp, ensuring that every transition stage would be smooth, efficient, and tailored to AID's needs. This plan was the foundation for the entire project, setting the stage for a successful and transformative partnership between Tapp Network and AID.

Achieving Optimization

This transition aimed to revolutionize AID's data analytics, marketing strategies, communication targeting, and automation. AID's move to HubSpot was driven by its goal of personalizing messaging, providing robust reporting to donors and funders, expanding outreach, streamlining data collection systems, and improving overall strategy through data analytics and automation. As part of this transformation, AID phased out legacy databases like MailChimp, Salesforce, and WizeHive, consolidating their operations into HubSpot, which served as their central data hub. Through this project with Tapp Network, AID enhanced and optimized all its digital initiatives.

  • Data Migration and Integration: One of the core components of the solution was the seamless migration of data from AID's legacy systems to HubSpot. This meticulous process ensured that historical data, donor information, event participation records, and program metrics were transferred accurately. Additionally, data integration across different systems was streamlined, eliminating redundancy and promoting a synchronized flow of information.
  • Behavior Tracking: Integrating all systems with HubSpot allows AID to determine patterns in its audience. This demonstrates the typical user journey from learning about the organization to engaging and collaborating with it. It also led to visibility into core high-engagement groups and determining common characteristics across those individuals, such as industry, job title, and interests.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: The solution included robust data analytics tools, enabling AID to track and analyze important metrics, such as utilization, demographics, and retention. These insights will be vital for reporting to sponsors and stakeholders, demonstrating the tangible impact of AID's work.

Enabling Growth

The solution provided by Tapp Network and TechSoup Services to AID equips the nonprofit to significantly enhance its ability to target and segment its audience, identify patterns, seize growth opportunities, and create a more personalized and engaging experience for its constituents. With clean and consolidated data in HubSpot, AID can segment its audience based on demographics, engagement history, and interests, enabling tailored messages and campaigns.

Robust data analytics tools will allow AID to recognize patterns and trends, helping them refine their strategies. AID can now proactively identify growth opportunities by monitoring engagement metrics and key performance indicators, such as focusing on impactful programs or campaigns. This strategic project allows AID to concentrate on growth initiatives through nurturing high-value sponsorship relationships, driving more event attendees, and targeting new audiences based on their comprehensive data.

Optimize Your Data and Communications

Streamlined technology empowers nonprofits to operate with increased efficiency. Efficient systems lead to cost savings and allow resources to be reallocated. Clean data ensures personalized and relevant communication, fostering stronger connections with donors and supporters. This, in turn, results in higher engagement, increased donor retention, and a broader network of dedicated advocates.

To learn more about how Tapp Network can support your organization, please contact us through TechSoup Digital Marketing Services.

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