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How Horizon DataSys Protects Public-Access and Office PCs

Horizon DataSys product donations on TechSoup are definitely some of our lesser-known offerings, but they shouldn't be. They are especially useful for nonprofits, churches, and libraries that have training labs and public-access PCs. Horizon DataSys Reboot Restore Rx Pro is in the same software category as Deep Freeze. It is as effective in easily returning public-access PCs to their original state, but it is much less expensive. RollBack Rx Professional is for use on office or administrative PCs and is a comprehensive Windows system restore solution in cases of data breaches and failed software installs. Find out what you've been missing for affordably protecting your training labs, your public-access PCs, and your office computers.

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For Public-Access Computers or in the Computer Lab

If your organization operates a training lab or has library public-access computers, it's no surprise that students or patrons can do crazy things to your computers. Of course the purpose of this IT is to let inquiring minds freely seek knowledge and entertainment, but it's a headache to have to troubleshoot and fix these computers all the time.

Horizon DataSys Reboot Restore Rx Pro is designed for learning environments. Users feel as though they have control of the computer they are using. Regardless of what they may attempt to do, it's not a problem. If they download a virus-infected file, malware, ransomware, or somehow delete system files or registry keys, Horizon DataSys Reboot Restore will revert the system back to a predefined, pristine state on a schedule you set. This makes the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user.

The software works by capturing the state of the machine as defined by the IT administrator. Upon every reboot, logoff, idle time, or set schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.), the program will simply restore the state and undo any changes, catastrophic or not.

Horizon DataSys Reboot Restore Rx Pro is available on TechSoup on a donated basis for $25 for 5 user licenses. Additional licenses are available on a discounted basis.


For Your Admin and Office PCs Too

Horizon DataSys instant recovery software RollBack Rx Professional is designed for office PC environments where data on the local drives is constantly changing.

The program works efficiently in the background, without any user knowledge (unless the IT admin sets it as so). The program takes snapshots of the local drive on a set schedule. It stores all data at that point in time on the sector level of the hard drive. Should any PC suffer a ransomware attack, get infected with a virus, be bogged down through malware and adware, or simply suffer a faulty driver or botched Windows update, RollBack Rx Professional enables users and IT administrators to easily restore their PCs to any previous state within moments. They can restore from any of its stored snapshots. RollBack Rx Professional also comes with a free centralized management tool, so your IT admin can resolve PC problems from anywhere.

Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Professional is available from TechSoup on a donated basis for $40 for 5 user licenses. Additional licenses are available on a discounted basis.


Tech Support and Previewing Horizon DataSys

Horizon DataSys provides its Silver Support plan for these two offers, which includes email, online (including chat), and phone support during business hours. You can also purchase a Gold or Platinum support plan directly from Horizon DataSys to receive priority support and free version upgrades. Support plan prices vary according to the number of user licenses covered.

You can download a trial version of RollBack Rx Professional or Reboot Restore Rx Pro from Horizon DataSys to try it out at no cost. You can use license keys through TechSoup to unlock trial versions for permanent use.

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