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How to Support NGOs Working to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis in India

India is currently experiencing a dramatic spike in COVID-19 deaths and cases, and the situation there remains dire. Earlier this month, it was reported that one in three new cases reported globally were occurring in the country. As of Thursday, June 10, more than 363,000 people have died. With infrastructure stretched and over capacity, resources can be scarce to support the community of 1.4 billion people.

It can be hard to provide support in scenarios like these. With so many different organizations working on the ground, and various international restrictions that prevent certain NGOs from receiving international funding, deciding which organizations to give to is challenging.*

TechSoup is part of a global network of partner NGOs working in nearly every region of the globe. As the situation in India has worsened over the last several weeks, we have been in contact with NASSCOM, our partner in India. Together, we've developed the following summary of trusted NGOs working to combat the COVID-19 crisis in India to provide people who wish to donate with an easy-to-use list of organizations to consider.

We should note that all of the NGOs listed here are eligible to receive donations from individuals living outside of India. Please take a moment to consider giving to any of the organizations listed below, and to sharing this list with your friends, coworkers, and family.

*Strict regulations around foreign donations to NGOs in India have hampered support of these critical organizations, and calls have been made to suspend the regulations in the wake of the current crisis.

U.S and International Organizations

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is supplying oxygen concentrators, personal protective equipment, and other medical resources to India at significant scale. They are also supporting local NGOs on the ground with their direct efforts. By donating to Direct Relief, you have the option to select the focus of your donation when filling out the donation form.

Donate to Direct Relief.

American India Foundation

American India Foundation is providing oxygen concentrators, ventilators, portable hospital beds, and cold storage equipment to primary care facilities, with a focus on rural areas. This is critical assistance, as there has been a dire shortage of these resources in these regions.

Donate to American India Foundation.

NGOs Working in India


GiveIndia is among India's most trusted online donation platforms. It undertakes a great deal of due diligence and ensures that all nonprofits listed on the platform are compliant with all legal requirements. GiveIndia has no platform fees, which ensures that the maximum amount of your donation is realized. It's important to note that not all NGOs listed on the platform are eligible to receive foreign donations due to FCRA rules (these are among the regulations we mentioned earlier). However, on each listing, you can clearly see if the NGO has the required status.

You have the option of donating to holistic funds set up for COVID response such as these.

Alternatively, you can directly donate to NGOs on the ground, many of which have the required FCRA status to receive foreign donations This can be easily seen on the right-hand side of each NGO's page on the site.

Donate to GiveIndia.

Doctors For You

Doctors For You has been supporting vulnerable communities with emergency medical aid in crisis and non-crisis situations for the past 13 years across 16 states. This NGO assists with the following:

  • Screening and testing of suspected cases
  • Community-level prevention activities through audio awareness van
  • COVID-19 isolation and treatment centers
  • Supporting district administration with volunteers
  • Capacity building of frontline workers

Donate to Doctors for You.


Swasti works in active partnership with coalitions of marginalized women like the Taaras Coalition and collaboratives like the #COVIDActionCollab. Currently, Swatsi is focused on the following critical areas:

  • COVID risk assessment
  • Vaccine demand generation
  • Social protection help desks
  • Enabling isolation and quarantine for COVID
  • Human resource support to the government hospitals
  • Taking oxygen concentrators and cylinders to the last mile

Donate to Swatsi.


Typically, GOONJ works across urban and rural parts of India in 28 states and almost 5,000 villages to turn used urban material into resources for hundreds of rural development activities. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is providing food kits and overall food security and supporting frontline workers with PPE kits and medical devices.

Donate to GOONJ.

Our Partners in India

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