TechSoup Admin Fees Are Increasing on Selected Discount and Donation Programs

Starting today, the TechSoup administrative (admin) fees on select discount and donation offers will be increasing. TechSoup periodically reviews and adjusts admin fees to reflect the current fair market value of products and to support our own costs in managing these programs.

TechSoup continuously strives to ensure that the offers we share with nonprofits are available to you at the lowest possible cost — and at a fraction of their retail value. TechSoup's admin fees allow us to provide as many resources as possible to nonprofits like yours, globally, to organizations small and large. 

In most cases, the increase in the admin fee will be no more than a few dollars per transaction. For example, the admin fee for Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 for Windows or Mac will be updated from $60 to $65. 

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the financial constraints that nonprofits work with. Our goal is to make sure that our admin fees remain affordable, and that the value you receive for those fees continually increases.

Why We Have Admin Fees

TechSoup charges an admin fee to cover the costs associated with processing the transactions around donated and discounted technology products and services. TechSoup’s admin fees also support our programs, services, and education for nonprofits, charities, and libraries around the world.

When you work with TechSoup, you are also supporting the development of new, valuable resources for NGOs. These include courses (including the recently AI-focused Microsoft Digital Skills Center), webinars, IT support for nonprofits, blog posts, support articles, apps for good from Caravan Studios, and more.

TechSoup remains dedicated to the NGOs across the planet that work to make the world a better place. We hope that these increases do not disrupt your IT operations in any way.