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A Critical Survey for Nonprofits Responding to 2020

We need to hear your voice.

Nonprofits face a unique moment in history. The intense challenges of 2020 are changing everything about how we fundraise, adapt, and use technology to serve our communities. This inflection point will shape everything we do for the next decade — and beyond.

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In the midst of this global crisis, TechSoup is partnering with a group of our philanthropic and technology partners on a global research project to understand the real-world barriers to technology adoption for nonprofits.


We must challenge the outdated notion that "nonprofits are simply bad at using technology." The truth is, nonprofits are used to doing more with less. And right now, nonprofits around the world are innovating with technology in real time to continue meeting critical human needs — all while grappling with an unprecedented combination of challenges to their operations.

We need a deeper, modern understanding of the barriers to technology adoption for nonprofits. And right now, major funders around the world are listening for answers to this question. They want to help. We need to tell them how.

This is TechSoup’s first entirely global survey in almost a decade. With your responses, we can map today’s opportunities and barriers to technology adoption so educators, service providers, foundations, and donors will know where to begin and how to have the greatest impact.

As we plan for the future, technology must play a critical role in staying connected with our teams and in helping our communities to recover. It is critical that we understand both your organization's individual tech needs and our collective tech challenges so we can craft the training, services, and support necessary.

By better understanding the barriers and opportunities you experience, we can help organize efforts to support you. We can better target our partners' philanthropic and corporate giving and can help other organizations like yours facing similar challenges around the world.

Please take the few minutes it requires to complete the survey. The path toward all of us having the support we need to harness technology through the months and years ahead begins with you.