an audience attending a microsoft cloud bootcamp for nonprofits

Check Out Microsoft Cloud Bootcamps for Nonprofits

Last month, TechSoup hosted more than 100 nonprofits at Microsoft Cloud bootcamps. These popular events brought together organizations in Oakland and Chicago to discuss considerations for moving to the cloud. Topics included Microsoft Cloud options and licensing, the impact of cloud technology on security, and how to integrate products like DocuSign and Box into the cloud environment.


These events are always more informative and entertaining when we have engaged audiences, and they did deliver! Bootcamp attendees came armed with questions and information from their own experiences in managing IT, which fostered collaborative and educational sessions.

illustration of nonprofit staffers brainstorming about microsoft cloud implementation, sitting at a conference table in front of a trend chart with gears and leaves and lightbulbs over their heads

On June 28, our Microsoft Cloud bootcamps went international, when TechSoup's partner in the United Kingdom, Technology Trust, hosted a similar event in London.

Interested? If you would like TechSoup to host its next bootcamp in your city, let us know! We hope to see you next time.

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