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The QuickBooks Product Line Is Changing. Here's What You Need to Know.

If your organization relies on Intuit QuickBooks for its bookkeeping and accounting, we've got some news to share. In late November, Intuit announced that it would no longer offer a number of its QuickBooks Desktop software products to new subscribers.

This change will take place on September 30, 2024, and it will affect these products:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

According to Intuit, the company is not discontinuing these products per se: It simply won't sell new subscriptions of these products to customers. In other words, if you already have subscriptions for any of these QuickBooks products, you will still be able to use them. You'll also be able to renew your existing subscriptions after July 31, 2024, according to the company.

What Does This Mean for the QuickBooks Subscription I Got Through TechSoup?

This upcoming change doesn't affect any of the Intuit QuickBooks products that TechSoup offers to nonprofits and libraries. TechSoup will continue to offer QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced subscriptions to members like you.

Additionally, if you've requested a QuickBooks Desktop product in the past, you can still request QuickBooks Premier 2021 and QuickBooks for Mac through TechSoup. That said, we expect that Intuit will end support for the QuickBooks 2021 product line sometime in 2024 and QuickBooks for Mac in 2025.

The Future Is Clear — and It's in the Cloud

This change reinforces the fact that technology companies are increasingly focusing on cloud-based subscription services. These services, like QuickBooks Online, let you more easily access your data from anywhere and use software across multiple devices more readily.

In particular, QuickBooks Online comes with the ability to perform automatic online backups. You also get access to QuickBooks software that you can install onto your Mac or Windows PC, plus the QuickBooks Online mobile app for iOS and Android.

You do have to pay an ongoing subscription fee to use QuickBooks Online. But you will receive the latest version of QuickBooks Online for as long as you subscribe.

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Updated June 11, 2024. 

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