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Meet the Winners of Storymakers 2017

The winners of Storymakers 2017 demonstrate the power of storytelling to touch hearts and minds. Let's meet them:

December 12, 2017


Preserving the World's History Thanks to the Cloud

Amazon Web Services, Intel, and Digital Divide Data are supporting the NMK in the digital preservation of artifacts using the cloud .

December 08, 2017


Winter Is Coming: 9 Steps to Get Ready for Year-End Online Giving

The year-end giving season is your organization's opportunity to engage with supporters and donors. Here are 9 steps to get ready for year-end online giving.

December 07, 2017


A Nonprofit's Guide to Event Planning: 4 Essential Steps

Before you book a space or hire a caterer, it’s important to plan a nonprofit event so that it will help you meet your goals. Here's a simple guide to planning.

December 05, 2017


8 Tips to Get Your Website Ready for Year-End Fundraising

To help you put your best foot forward, here are eight tips to get your website ready for year-end fundraising.

December 04, 2017

TechSoup Global Network

TechSoup Global Partner Celebrates a Milestone

Tech Trust, a United Kingdom organization run in partnership with TechSoup, is celebrating as the savings it has helped to realize topped the $270 million mark.

December 01, 2017


5 Ways to Grow Your Email List on the Cheap

Growing your email list is a critical strategic goal for every nonprofit. It will help you spread your brand, recruit volunteers, and raise money.

November 30, 2017


How Microsoft Azure Helps Caravan Studios Build Apps for Public Good

Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup, used Microsoft Azure to develop an app that helps quickly deploy volunteers in urgent, time-sensitive scenarios.

November 28, 2017


How QuickBooks Premier 2018 Can Improve Your Nonprofit Accounting

Bookkeeping at a nonprofit can be a difficult task. Luckily, QuickBooks offers a Nonprofit Edition that helps address these sorts of issues. Find out more!

November 27, 2017

Social Media

How Nonprofits Can Use Social Content for Social Change

Social media has become a useful channel to quickly and cost-effectively spread a message, but social content can be used for social change, too. Find out how.

November 21, 2017

Web Design

SEO Keywords — 3 Tips to Improve Rankings | TechSoup

Ignoring SEO can impact your cause. These three tips can make a difference in improving your website ranking and search traffic.

November 17, 2017


E-Commerce for Nonprofits: Going from Beginner to Pro

If you want to maximize revenue for your nonprofit, e-commerce can do wonders. It can strengthen relationships, build a sense of community, and generate income.

November 16, 2017