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10 Tips and Tools from TechSoup's TechTips Digest Event

Our recent mini-conference, TechSoup's TechTips Digest, featured lightning-fast talks that concentrated a normal one hour's worth of material into 20 minutes, so attendees only got the good bits. Did you miss it? Not to worry — we've rounded up all the events so you can check them out at your leisure.

The conference sourced our experts from TechSoup's community of local #Tech4Good meetups called NetSquared. Topics included tactics for creating more content, tips for crowdfunding campaigns, productivity tools for nonprofits, and more.

Editor's note: NetSquared is now called TechSoup Connect.

With three simultaneous rooms, attendees had to make hard decisions about which speaker to see — but not you, the reader of this blog. Set aside some time to check out as many of the sessions as you want, at whatever pace is best for you. Enjoy!

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Big Picture Thinking

Why Your Nonprofit Needs Digital Accessibility

Tampa Tech4Good's Tracey Long introduces you to digital accessibility, and reviews who is impacted, why it is important, when to consider it, and some practical ways on how to get started on your own journey towards digital accessibility.

The Legal Side of Nonprofit Technology

Lawyer Erin McClarty reviews the opportunities, risks, and challenges of your technology decisions from a legal and operational perspective.

Data Management for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are generating vast amounts of data, but how can we use it to make better decisions? In this session, NetSquared Houston's host Dhruv Khattar guides you towards becoming a data-driven organization.

Use a CRM to Jump-Start Your Nonprofit

What is a customer relationship management (CRM) system and how can it grow your nonprofit? NetSquared Toronto champion Miguel Ribeiro shows you how to capture new customers, nurture them with marketing automation, and convert them into loyal donors, clients, or volunteers.

Practical Product Demonstrations

Data Cleanup Using Google Sheets

In this talk, Birgit Pauli-Haack of Naples, Florida, looks at common data formatting problems and how to use Google Sheets' native formulas and functions to change data formats and clean up data.

Productivity Tips for Nonprofits

Struggling with the transition to online work? NetSquared Accra's host Desire Seyram Sackitey shares his top tools for note taking, project management, and scheduling meetings.

Building Low-Code Custom Applications

NetSquared's New Delhi nominated Bharath Kumar of Zoho to demonstrate how nonprofits can solve everyday challenges by building custom low- and no-code applications using Zoho Creator (now available with a 50 percent discount via TechSoup).

Marketing and Fundraising

How to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaigns More Effective

While crowdfunding may seem like a quick and easy way to raise funds online, very few nonprofits manage to reach their desired fundraising goals. Mayura Sandeep of NetSquared Bengaluru shares tips and tricks on running a successful crowdfunding campaign for your nonprofit on zero budget!

Managing Your Marketing Goals Using the Marketing Canvas

Nonprofits need a compelling content strategy and execution to meet their goals. NetSquared Vancouver nominated Lida Tohidi to share her expertise using the marketing canvas, which will help your organization deliver successful campaigns.

Tactics for Creating More Content

Creating content doesn't have to be a headache. It can be fun and easy if you change your mindset and adopt the hacks outlined in this session from NetSquared Vancouver host Joel Harrison.

Join Your Local TechSoup Connect Chapter

The TechTips Digest event sourced our experts from TechSoup Connect, TechSoup's global program of #Tech4Good meetups (formerly called NetSquared). Each month our leaders host meetings where nonprofits can network, build their tech skills, and discover the best practices they need to do more good.

You can find your closest TechSoup Connect group on our website — join your local group or volunteer to lead a workshop or become a co-host.