mailboxes in a row representing donors nonprofits want to reach with emails leading up to giving tuesday

6 Emails You Should Send Donors Leading Up To Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is coming in hot. Make the most of the fundraising occasion by sending your donors these six emails leading up to the big day.

One Week Out

Send your donors an email the week before Giving Tuesday letting them know it's one week away. Tell donors about your Giving Tuesday campaign, how much you're trying to raise, and what the funds will go towards. Then, include a call to action to donate on the day and share the campaign with friends and family.

Thanksgiving  —  6 Days Out

Send an email to your donors either the day before or the day of Thanksgiving. Thank them for being supporters and don't include any call to action, other than a reminder that Giving Tuesday is coming.

Black Friday  —  4 Days Out

Black Friday is a viral sensation that everyone knows about and that millions of Americans participate in. Use that to remind donors about Giving Tuesday. Your message can include something like, "Don't spend it all on Black Friday deals; we need help hitting our goal for Giving Tuesday."

Cyber Monday  —  1 Day Out

Use a similar message for Cyber Monday: "We know you're scanning for Cyber Monday deals, but we just wanted to give you another reminder that Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and we need your support to hit our goal."

Giving Tuesday  —  Morning Of

Send donors an email the morning of the big day and include a call to action, details about your campaign, and a sense of urgency. Ask them not only to donate, but also to share with friends and family that they've given to your cause. They can even set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on your behalf by visiting your page and clicking "I Want to Fundraise for This." The more the merrier!

Giving Tuesday  —  Rest of the Day

You should send more than one reminder email to donors on Giving Tuesday. If you're concerned that this could turn donors off, include something in your message like, "Apologies for so many emails. Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest fundraising days of the year, and we want to make sure we raise as much as possible for our cause."

Giving Tuesday donors are known to donate more than once during that day. However, if you feel uncomfortable about sending multiple emails that day, you can include a message for donors to disregard the email if they've already given.

Now get started implementing your Giving Tuesday email strategy!

Editor's note: This blog post was originally posted on the Give Lively website.