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Having Trouble Installing Office 2019? We Can Help!

Shortly after Microsoft launched Office 2019, we began to hear from nonprofits that they were having a really hard time installing the software. Microsoft has changed the installation process for Office 2019, and it now may require a slightly higher level of technical expertise. In fact, Microsoft talks about "deploying" Office 2019 rather than "installing" it.

This new installation process uses a click-to-run deployment tool versus the previous Windows Installer (MSI). This means that you no longer download your keys from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). For most organizations, you can install directly from Microsoft's Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) with little administrative effort. However, if you have devices that are not online or have limited bandwidth — or you just do not have the time or resources to learn this new process — we want to help.

What We're Doing

  • We have updated all of our fulfillment emails and content on our site to help you navigate this process. Please remember that you must be running Windows 10 to deploy Office 2019, and we recommend a minimum bandwidth speed of 20 Mbps.
  • We have published a do-it-yourself guide to help you better understand and navigate the current deploying Office 2019 instructions available from Microsoft.
  • We also launched an Installation Support service in January to handle the installation process for nonprofits.

Other Options

In addition to the options listed above, here are a few additional considerations for organizations that are thinking about or struggling with installing Office 2019.

  • Consider moving to Office 365. In addition to providing your organization with hosted email, document sharing, and collaboration tools, you'll never have to install another version of Office again. This is because Microsoft will automatically update the software for you at no additional cost beyond the price of your subscription license if you choose a discounted license offer.
  • Find a local IT service company through TechSoup's Consultant Connection that may be willing to do the deployments for you cheaper or for free as a pro bono project.
  • If you have a managed IT service provider, this work might be included in the overall cost of the service. You can also check out TechSoup's Managed IT Service offer if you are looking for a provider.

Providing You with More Support

At TechSoup we really don't like to raise our admin fees. We normally do everything we can to keep costs down and make sure organizations are getting the most value at the lowest possible cost. And with Office 2019, we understand that some organizations just may not have the resources or time to do this installation on their own. Because we know that there are some organizations that are willing and able to pay to have this issue resolved for them, we have piloted an installation offer.

We are learning a lot from this pilot, including what it takes to support the service sustainably. We have updated the fees for this offer since we introduced it in order to account for the time that we have spent in supporting hundreds of installations since December.

We know that in the changing world of technology, organizations are trying to navigate their own digital transformation, and we have been working to help them through it. We now offer new courses, improved installation support services for both on-premises and cloud products, consultation support, and managed IT services.

At TechSoup, we strive every day to develop better ways to support you in adopting, learning, and managing your technology. If you have any suggestions for new ways we can help and support you, please reach out to us at services[at]techsoup[dot]org. We'd love to hear your feedback.


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