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Introducing Cloud Support Services for Microsoft Cloud Subscriptions

Starting on January 4, 2023, all Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 cloud licenses obtained through TechSoup will include Cloud Support Services delivered by TechSoup. This service will allow us to help nonprofits and libraries determine which Microsoft cloud licenses are right for them, how to activate those licenses properly, and how to fully realize the value of this powerful but complex platform.

As a result, pricing for some of our cloud subscriptions will be affected. It's our mission to support nonprofits in their use of technology. From time to time, we adjust our offers in order to continue serving the nonprofit sector with services and resources each day.

You will still have an option to receive donated licenses directly from Microsoft at no cost to you, but these will not include any of the TechSoup support services.

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TechSoup Cloud Support Services

TechSoup Cloud Support Services will be included with all Microsoft Cloud licenses obtained through TechSoup. Cloud Support Services provide the following:

  • Access to ongoing consultations with TechSoup's experts in Microsoft solutions for nonprofits and self-service tools to help determine the right licenses and related products to support your organization.
  • Support in setting up and assigning licenses to users, including configuring role-based access levels.
  • Ongoing management of your licenses, including adding and removing license holders and downgrading and upgrading plans.
  • Error resolution and direct case escalation with Microsoft in a prioritized queue when needed.
  • Valuable resources, designed specifically for nonprofits, to support your organization's adoption of Microsoft solutions:
    • Quarterly webinars
    • Monthly virtual office hours
    • How-to guides, articles, and videos
    • Chats with our experts and your peers
  • Flexible billing options. Billing can occur annually or monthly. Payment can be fulfilled via credit card or eCheck (bank account ACH transfer).

The following table shows the services included in Microsoft cloud licenses obtained through TechSoup and those obtained directly from Microsoft. The dotted check mark indicates partial inclusion.

Service Microsoft Cloud Licenses Obtained Through
TechSoup Microsoft
Access to nonprofit-specific consultations to help determine the right licenses for your organization yes  
Setting up and assigning licenses to users yes  
Nonprofit-specific support and guides to help with ongoing management of your licenses, including adding and removing license holders and downgrading and upgrading plans yes  
Error resolution and direct case escalation with Microsoft in a prioritized queue when needed yes partial

Requires additional fee
Resources designed specifically for nonprofits to alert you to Microsoft program and product changes and resources to support adoption of Microsoft solutions along with other technology solutions you may have yes  
Flexible billing and payment options yes partial
Pricing protection for 12 months yes yes

Which Licenses Are Affected?

While the support services will now be included in all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 cloud licenses, only three license plans will be subjected to updated pricing:

  • Office 365 E1 (donated version only) — now $1/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic — now $1/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (donated licenses) — now $1/user/month

Note: It's important that organizations stay in compliance with Microsoft's utilization requirements for donated licenses. Microsoft requires organizations to actively use at least 85 percent of assigned donated licenses.

Why Are the Changes Happening?

In addition to covering the costs of these Cloud Support Services, the new $1 monthly per-license fee on select Microsoft cloud licenses supports TechSoup's work of providing ongoing consultations, content, events, courses, other services, and tech capacity building for nonprofits and libraries around the world. 

What Should I Do Next?

For those already using the affected licenses, pricing changes will go into effect upon your next subscription term renewal on or after January 4. For example, if you started a subscription on December 15, 2022, your price will not be impacted until December 15, 2023, upon your subscription term renewal.

Here are a few more actions we recommend you take:

  • Review the licenses you currently have and make sure you aren't requesting licenses you don't need. There's a chance you could save at least $1 per month for each unused license you turn off. Use our guide to help understand your current usage.
  • Update your payment information (PDF) before your next subscription renewal date to ensure uninterrupted access to your licenses. Click here to learn how to find your subscription renewal date (PDF).
  • If you plan to acquire licenses for the affected products for the first time, do so before January 4.* This will ensure that you save by paying the current prices for your first subscription term.

Remember: You can choose to get your licenses directly from Microsoft at no cost. Microsoft offers Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Business Premium as donations directly from them, but these do not include the additional support and resources that TechSoup offers. Please know that while we will have basic information for support, we will be unable to assist you or escalate specific issues on your behalf without being your license partner. We understand that cost may be a barrier to your nonprofit, and if you'd like to make the switch, here's a guide to get started to move your licenses directly to Microsoft (PDF).

We've always worked to provide organizations like yours with access to the best solutions for you and your needs. These new Cloud Support Services will ultimately help you get more out of the Microsoft software you receive through TechSoup — value that can have a direct and positive impact on your ability to serve your community.

We understand that these changes may have an impact on IT planning and budgeting for your organization, and we are here to help.

*The Office 365 E1 donated offer is retired and is no longer available as a new subscription.

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