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New! Get Discounts on New HP Printers, Computers, and More

TechSoup's focus on bringing more affordable hardware options to nonprofits continues to grow, and we're delighted to be launching HP Inc. as a new partner on TechSoup. HP is known for building quality products, and their printers in particular should be of interest to nonprofits.


The TechSoup HP offer is Access to Discounted Rates, which means you pay TechSoup's modest $10 admin fee and then get products directly from HP at a substantial discount. Your access to the HP catalog lasts for 365 days.

rotating display showing HP logo, all-in-one computer, and printer

This program can mean tremendous savings for nonprofits, and HP tells us that everything on's regular catalog will be available. But the specific discounts on products are set directly by HP, so we can't guarantee that these will be your top values every day of the year. HP's discounts for nonprofits change on a regular basis, so it's not possible to provide any preview of specific discounts for specific products.

Products manufactured and sold by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (a separate and independent company) are not available through This may include product types such as HPE servers and systems and HPE data storage solutions.

Any suggestions for other offerings? Please post your wishes in the Technology Wish List section of the forums on TechSoup, and we'll respond to you there.

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