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Bringing Your Nonprofit into Better HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is a U.S. law created to modernize the handling of healthcare records. In this article, you can find how to bring your nonprofit into compliance with it!

June 11, 2021

IT Security

Does Your Nonprofit Need an Identity Solution?

Identity can help you to solve security, organizational capacity, and user experience problems. Find out if your organization needs an identity solution!

June 08, 2021

IT Security

How to Keep Your Nonprofit Informed of Cybersecurity Threats

Staying informed of cybersecurity threats can be a challenge for many nonprofits. Learn more about some useful resources to help you stay on top of threats!

June 04, 2021

IT Security

Cybersecurity in the Time of COVID

Cybersecurity has never been more important for your nonprofit, and by investing in it you can protect your organization and employees. Find out more!

May 21, 2021

IT Security

Managing Cybersecurity Risks at Your Nonprofit

Antivirus, spam protection, and up-to-date systems with security patching are the foundation of cybersecurity. Find out how to manage cybersecurity risks!

March 24, 2021

IT Security

Beyond COVID: Preparing for Your Next Steps Toward Digital Resiliency

Make your nonprofit more efficient and productive. Discover five considerations to start on the next steps in your digital resiliency and transformation.

March 11, 2021

IT Security

Cybersecurity Basics Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Cyberattacks against small and midsize organizations have increased from 11% to 15%. Discover how to ensure full end-to-end security for your organization.

December 29, 2020

IT Security

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About the Solorigate Cyberattack

Most have heard of the recent high-profile cyberattack known as Solorigate or Sunburst. Read on for a summary of the incident and some helpful resources.

December 23, 2020

IT Security

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Secure Documents at Your Nonprofit

In today's remote workplaces, more documents are delivered digitally. Discover four ways that Acrobat Pro DC can secure your nonprofit's digital documents.

December 03, 2020

Impact Stories Veritas

The Organizations Protecting Our Wild Spaces

See how two nonprofits that work to maintain healthy waterways and preserve biodiversity keep their own data secure with tools from Veritas and TechSoup.

November 30, 2020

IT Security

TechSoup Cybersecurity Offers for Your Nonprofit

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for many organizations during these changing times. Read on for a roundup of TechSoup's current offers in this area.

October 08, 2020

IT Security

Spotting Spam at Your Nonprofit

Do you think you are good at spotting spam emails? Find out what phishing means, and how nonprofit organizations can combat spam e-mails and any IT threat.

October 07, 2020