drawing of two figures, one sending a message and the other with a tablet and boxes of food

Announcing Quad: The Space for Solutions

Simply put, TechSoup's mission is to support your mission. That means that we are always looking for new ways to help you use technology to meet your needs. We conduct surveys to understand your needs. We call you, and we talk to you. We learn from you through focus groups to get feedback, and we change in response to that.

Earlier, we shared our thoughts about our new marketplace. We have been working on that, getting feedback, changing because of what we have learned.

We have learned that

  • You want to connect with one another.
  • You want advice on things like how you handle your spreadsheets, your CRM choice, or your data security.
  • You want solutions that meet the needs of your organizations.

And that's why we are launching Quad.

Quad is a space where you can come together with your peers and other stakeholders to work on the issues that are most important to them.

drawing of two figures, one with a laptop and boxes of food, one with a tablet, communicating about fooe

We are starting with organizations that provide meal, pantry, and food bank services in their communities. We've spent the last year interviewing over 70 of you so that we can understand your needs. We've also heard you share your innovations through our Public Good App House events. And we have researched responses to those needs, including the digital literacy training that you would like for your volunteers, the templates that will help you make quicker use of spreadsheets, and the support you need to keep your books in order.

Quad is starting in this area because, well, food is important to all of us, and access to food has been impacted by COVID and associated changes. We will grow from there to provide more support to more issue areas for communities around the world.

Join Quad and access a dedicated community where you can interact with your peers, attend events, share your solutions and needs, and gain access to the technology solutions, services, and training you need. Quad membership will cost $200 a year. This annual fee will cover the costs to manage and maintain this space, as well as be used towards administrative fees currently associated with technology on the TechSoup marketplace.

We know that you have more options than ever before to get access to technology. Navigating that landscape and supporting your organization goals stays core to our mission. Quad is our opportunity to evolve our own offerings to create a space for solutions to support the needs of today's civil society. Join Quad, join us, and join other organizations working to solve the same problem, and let's make technology and digital solutions work better for everyone.