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Boost Your Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers accessible, easy-to-use email marketing software, designed to help businesses get tangible results from their campaigns. Many nonprofits operate with small teams and limited resources and do not have access to marketing experts or coders. TechSoup's partnership with Constant Contact gives nonprofits a great opportunity to add a professional edge to their email marketing and website, at a cost that fits their budget.

Improving email marketing can make a huge difference for small nonprofits that rely on community, word of mouth, and donations from individuals. Keep reading to find out how Constant Contact could help your nonprofit streamline its marketing campaigns and gain more support.

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Providing the Tools for Success

Constant Contact gives you all the support you need to increase your nonprofit's online presence, from making your website stand out, to tracking the performance of your emails. Its email marketing service includes customizable templates, sign-up forms, and user-friendly automated reports to show you just how effective your email campaigns are. This enables you to tailor your emails to fit the goals of your organization, whatever they may be.


Constant Contact's marketing automation service makes it easier for any organization to reach its audience more effectively. It uses A/B testing to find the subject line that gets you the most opens and clicks on your emails. It can also automatically resend emails to recipients who don't open them the first time around. This will help you build your subscriber list, keeping track of your audience while complying with data protection regulations. 


When done well, an effective email campaign can help you to build awareness, as well as raise funds to enable you to focus on your life-changing work. Email outreach is also a great way to inform your community about upcoming events, track who is coming, and send reminders and thank-yous to those who express their interest. Constant Contact enables you to send as many emails as you need, so you can keep your outreach as regular as it needs to be.


For a stress-free, easy-to-use website, Constant Contact can provide you with all the tools you need. If you are working with a small team, and don't have the budget or expertise for a web engineer, Constant Contact's free and codeless website hosting is a great solution. It offers unlimited storage and uses AI to help you create a professional and mobile-optimized site in no time at all.


If you have products to sell, or are looking for innovative ways to build income, use Constant Contact's online store. It handles all the details, allowing you to set up your store, accept payment, and manage your orders, inventory, and tax right from its user-friendly interface.

Email Plus from Constant Contact

For organizations that need a little extra, Constant Contact's Email Plus plan offers even more great features. Email Plus allows you to have an email list with 50,000 or more contacts and up to 10 admin users, accommodating larger and wider-reaching nonprofits. You'll have access to online donation services, customizable pop-up forms, surveys, polls, and smarter email automation. Not sure which plan is right for your organization? Take a look at a detailed comparison between the two on Constant Contact's website.

Constant Contact has partnered with TechSoup to offer our members 50 percent off on both of their Email and Email Plus plans.

Marketing Solutions to Meet Your Goals

Whether you have a handle on the basics, or have no idea where to start with creating an email marketing campaign, Constant Contact can support you. This easy-to-use software can help you to design beautiful, informative emails that help you to increase awareness, donations, or whatever else your goal may be. It also helps you to improve the web pages your emails link to, ensuring that readers can find all the information they need easily. Creating these mobile-friendly landing pages can make a huge difference when it comes to sign-ups, donations, and other interactions with your organization.

To learn more, check out Constant Contact in the TechSoup Catalog today.


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