Central City AIDS Network

HIV/AIDS Nonprofit Uses Donated Software to Provide Direct Benefits

Johnny Fambro, executive director of the Central City AIDS Network, found real value in a QuickBooks donation from Intuit. Central City is a nonprofit organization based in Macon, Georgia, dedicated to helping people who live with HIV/AIDS secure and maintain stable housing, food, and access to appropriate medical care. They also serve as representative payee for several consumers' Social Security benefits.

With QuickBooks, checks and payments can be matched to deposits to ensure that a person is receiving their due. When the Social Security Administration wants an audit, it is easy to print out, send in the amounts, and prove expenses and payments. For Fambro, the choice to move to QuickBooks more than ten years ago was simple. Since Central City has adopted it, the usefulness in dollars spent and dollars saved is immeasurable.

Beyond the direct benefits to its constituents, Central City AIDS Network has been able to document its finances with QuickBooks. For federal grants, many housing programs organizations, like Central City, need to demonstrate that the funds they receive are being spent on benefits for their constituents. For one housing program in particular, Central City must show a 100 percent match; in other words, one dollar provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development must match one dollar in services. Fambro found that QuickBooks is particularly helpful here, easily creating reports to show how these funds are matched, which volunteers and constituents really appreciate. Clients and consumers Central City's services appreciate detailed lists of services and cost (if any) of their housing programs.