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How to Support Maui Wildfire Relief

On August 8, a fire ignited in West Maui, threatening both residential areas and natural habitats. Thousands of individuals and animals have been displaced, and the community is in desperate need of shelter, clean water, food, and other essentials.

Efforts to combat the wildfires have drawn upon the collective strength of the community and the resilience that characterizes the island, as authorities and citizens work hand in hand to mitigate the impact of this challenging natural disaster. Local firefighting teams, alongside dedicated first responders, are tirelessly battling the flames to contain their advance and protect lives and property. Evacuations have been underway to ensure the safety of residents, with thousands still unaccounted for.

The Maui Strong Fund

TechSoup member Hawaii Community Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting and improving the well-being of communities across Hawaii through strategic grantmaking and initiatives. Recently because of the fires, they've directed their efforts to disaster relief for the community.

If you're looking for a way to support the Maui community, supporting Hawaii Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund is a tangible way to extend a helping hand to those impacted by the devastating wildfires on the island.

The Hawaii Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund demonstrates the power of community resilience, as it aims to provide aid and relief to those affected by the fires, assisting them in rebuilding their lives and restoring their communities. The fund not only offers immediate assistance for emergency needs but also envisions a long-term commitment to restoration and recovery, focusing on both individual well-being and the broader community's revival.

Support Recovery Efforts in Maui

The Maui Strong Fund showcases the strength of collective efforts in times of adversity, embodying the spirit of unity that defines the island's inhabitants and their determination to overcome challenges. Through donations, they're able to continue providing shelter, food, clean water, and other essentials to those affected by the wildfires. If you're able to contribute to the Maui Strong Fund, we encourage you to learn more and help first responders revive the community back to strength.