Centre for Women's Development and Research

Software Donations Empower Indian Women Through Computer Literacy Classes

Because only two percent of non-governmental organizations in India are headed by women, a group of female activists founded the Centre for Women's Development and Research (CWDR). They were responding to what they felt was a need for more women-led organizations that address issues that affect women.

The organization envisions the creation of a just society by promoting women's rights as human rights. Access to computer education is an opportunity rarely afforded to girls and women from rural Indian communities and one that presents them with the chance to improve their station in life.

Only after a donation of much-needed Microsoft software, including Windows, Office, and SharePoint from BiGTech, the donation program run by NASSCOM Foundation, the Indian partner of the TechSoup Global Network, did the organization realize their potential through the computer technology. With the updated software, CWDR could further empower young girls and women by providing them computer education courses.