GiveIndia Uses BiGTech Donations to Simplify Donor Giving

GiveIndia's mission is to promote an efficient and effective giving culture that provides greater opportunities to the poor and needy in India. GiveIndia connects global donors with the opportunity to donate to more than 200 vetted NGOs in India.

In this role, it is vital for the organization to diligently check the needy NGOs before connecting them with donors. Once donors have decided how they would like to make a difference by donating to an NGO listed on its site, GiveIndia sends them a tax receipt for their donation. And it ensures that the funds will be received by the chosen NGO. In addition to donation tracking, the organization also ensures that the NGO provides a feedback report with details of the donation's impact, which is then passed on to the donor.

During the Bihar floods in 2008, GiveIndia raised 14 crores of donations for its partner NGOs. However, receipt generation for that amount was manual, andittook the organization a month to generate 55,000 receipts.

Looking to automate the process for efficiency and promptness, GiveIndia set out to revamp its IT infrastructure with help from Dell and TechSoup Global Network partner BiGTech India. For the hardware, it received support from Dell, and for the software, it sought tech donations via BiGTech. Today GiveIndia donors are privy to a CRM system to expedite the donation transaction process, and an online donation form is also available. In the back end, Microsoft Excel macros link the donations to the CRM and generate a receipt within minutes. What took a month in 2008 can now be achieved within a week.