Kantorei: The Singing Boys of Rockford

QuickBooks Keeps Kantorei Singing

Kantorei: The Singing Boys of Rockford,is a musical education nonprofit serving boys between the ages of 6 and 18. Located in northern Illinois, this nonsectarian organization welcomes participants from all walks of life regardless of background, creed, socioeconomic status, or prior skill. It was founded in 1964 and has served hundreds of members over the years.

The participants learn the foundations of choir singing, such as posture and breathing, vocal technique, and tone. They also learn theory, ear training, foreign language skills, and the study of music within a social context.

Kantorei is building more than just musical skill, however; the boys learn other skills that will stick with them for a lifetime. Teamwork, practice, critical listening, and determination are just a few of the life lessons Kantorei's members learn through music. According to the organization's site, these skills help the boys make the transition to being responsible, caring, and disciplined young men.

One current Kantorei member shared with the nonprofit why it's more than just learning music: "Kantorei builds not only a solid foundation and understanding of music, but forges enduring friendships. A love for singing is what attracts boys to Kantorei, but it is the friendships you form and the memories you make that keep you in the choir. I am certainly blessed with the friends and opportunities that Kantorei has given me, and am proud to say that it has influenced my life."

Staying in Tune with QuickBooks

So how does a nonprofit that does so much for its community keep operations running smoothly? With reliable technology and software, of course!

Pamela Osborne, business/operations manager of Kantorei, says that the organization has always relied on QuickBooks. Through TechSoup's Intuit donation program, Kantorei was able to get a donated license of the latest version.

Though Kantorei serves a large number of boys in the northern Illinois area, the nonprofit's staff is quite small. "We only have four employees, but [the] payroll piece helps to keep accurate records. It is hard for us to afford to pay full price for QuickBooks and the payroll."

In fact, Kantorei uses QuickBooks for the majority of its finances. "Intuit helps us keep accurate records for the choir," Pamela says. Receiving donated technology and software through TechSoup allows Kantorei to spend more time planning performances for the choir, both locally and abroad. Tours have brought the boys to Japan, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and other exciting places! Without having to worry about how to afford the latest QuickBooks upgrade, the Singing Boys of Rockford can keep singing.

This story originally appeared on the TechSoup Blog. It was written by Ginny Mies, senior content curator at TechSoup.