Kids' Food Basket

Kids' Food Basket Gives Schoolchildren Evening Meals

Kids' Food Basket is a nonprofit organization that aims to attack childhood hunger to help kids live well and learn well. It serves young students in various schools in Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon, Mich. With its Sack Supper program, it provides students with well-rounded, nutritious evening meals. Kids' Food Basket not only provides food-insecure kids with a constant, guaranteed source of evening meals for the weekdays. At the same time, it brings together a loving community of volunteers that acts as a support system for these children.

Kids' Food Basket participated in the Storymakers 2016 campaign, sharing its inspiring story and mission. The video shares the extent of its social impact on the hopes and dreams of these students. Their many Sack Suppers will provide them with the nourishment needed to develop their brains and bodies and eventually help them achieve their dreams.