blank-space Builds a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of Auschwitz is an online Holocaust community founded in 1995 and funded by Project ABE. The educational social network brings together survivors, liberators, historians, and authors to share research and stories through art, photography, painting, and audio/video. As part of its programming to provide source materials for students from grade school to university, worldwide staff used Adobe products to create the Virtual Tour of Auschwitz, a 360-degree virtual visit to this historical place.

Since 2005, millions of students have taken the free tour via a clickable map and have implemented ready-to-use lessons plans. The virtual tour has become a significant contribution to the Auschwitz museum website as well. The Virtual Tour of Auschwitz offers an intimate view of the museum and camp in Polish or English.

Before this tour, few educational institutions (or parents) had the money or time to visit. Now learning is both interesting and interactive. For the first time in history, anyone can see the camp as it looks today as if you were physically there.

The Virtual Tour of Auschwitz shows that small grassroots communities affect social change. When students learn about the Holocaust, they often decide to apply these lessons to fight injustice in their own lives. Now one of the most important historical sites can inspire individuals to change their present by remembering the lessons of the past.'s goal is to provide content that teachers and schools share with their students, and always at no charge. A teacher in Des Moines or Shenzhen or Bangalore can share this important museum without leaving home.