SOS Faim

Fighting Rural Poverty with Technology Donations in the Global South

SOS Faim is a nongovernmental organization with offices in Belgium and Luxembourg. Fighting poverty in the Global South, specifically in rural communities throughout Africa and South America, is the goal of SOS Faim (SOS Hunger). To accomplish this objective, SOS Faim operates a number of agricultural development, microfinance, and vocational programs. Its staff of 25 operates programs in 12 countries in collaboration with 80 partner organizations.

SOS Faim needed help to address its technology needs while maintaining focus on its mission. Microsoft software (Office, Publisher, Visio, and Server) and Cisco broadband router and security appliance hardware donations improved operations while keeping technology costs low. The donations were procured through SOCIALware, a TechSoup Global Network partner. The resulting savings were passed back to the organization's programs.