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Take Part in the Largest Ever Survey on Digital Equity

EDITOR’S NOTE: TechSoup is partnering with Connect Humanity to map the state of digital accessibility across civil society. The i__internet Digital Equity Survey is an important step in determining how the digital divide affects people worldwide and will help us plot the next steps in providing access to those who remain unconnected. We are republishing this blog post from Connect Humanity to encourage you to learn more about the survey, fill it out, and share it with your networks.

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Today, with the support of TechSoup Global Network and other partners, we are launching the largest ever quest to map the digital haves and have-nots of civil society — and we need your help!

As COVID-19 painfully reminded us, we have a long way to go to ensure everyone has the digital access, tools, and skills they need to work, learn, and participate fully in our digitizing world. As the pandemic hit and life was upended, civil society organizations around the world found they were unable to deliver their services because they or the communities they serve lack adequate access to the internet and digital tools. Without ubiquitous access to digital technology, we in civil society are held back from doing our best work.

Half of humanity remains unconnected. And those on the wrong side of the digital divide are most often from communities that civil society is most focused on serving. This has to change. We cannot let our communities fall farther behind.

We have the power to help — but first we have to fully understand the problem. That’s why Connect Humanity is undertaking the largest ever global study of civil society participants to map the gaps that prevent civil society actors around the world from serving our communities.

The i____internet survey is the first step in understanding the digital divide from a civil society perspective. The survey invites those engaged in civil society to answer a series of questions about their access to, and experience of, digital technology. It also asks questions about the levels of access and skills experienced by the communities they serve.

The survey results will be shared openly in an aggregated and anonymous form. We hope they will help advocates, funders, policymakers, and others shape interventions that will help accelerate digital equity, build the capacity of civil society, and ultimately benefit the people we all seek to serve.

The survey is open from July 25 to August 31 and is available in 26 different languages. After you take the survey, we welcome you to share it with your networks. Use the tag #i____internet on social media.

Complete the survey at: www.iinternet.org.

Share within your networks using our media kit: www.iinternet.org/mediakits.

If you have any questions or ideas, email me — Sarah Brown-Campello, Community Engagement Manager at Connect Humanity: community@connecthumanity.fund.

Special thanks to TechSoup Global Network and the following partners for making this happen!

Connect Humanity — a fund for digital equity — works with communities to build the internet infrastructure and skills they need to participate fully in a digital society.