TeenNow California

Tech Donations Help TeenNow California Support Teenage Parents

TeenNow California is a state-wide organization that provides training, technical assistance, advocacy, and professional development opportunities to those working with at-risk teens. Established in 1971, it is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of expectant and parenting teenagers and their young children. It also is dedicated to the prevention of adolescent childbearing.

TeenNow California supports educators, social workers, healthcare providers, parents, and policymakers who share its mission of preventing teen pregnancies and supporting young families. On its website, the organization provides everything from online tools for community advocacy, to scholarships for deserving teens.

Through TechSoup, TeenNow California has received donations from Adobe, Microsoft, Intuit, and GrantStation. By utilizing these programs, TeenNow California has the proper tools to provide support to its community via newsletters, brochures, videos, PDF documents, and more.