The International Healthcare and Health Insurance Institute

Technology Helps Healthcare Organization Provide More Assistance to Bulgarians

The International Healthcare and Health Insurance Institute's mission is to assist in improving the management and functioning of the health system in Bulgaria by collecting, analyzing, and exchanging information, knowledge, and experience. The institute strives to achieve health information integration.

IHHII-BG experts and consultants have more than 10 years of experience on all levels of the Bulgarian healthcare system and are authors of over 15 books on the healthcare system and health insurance in Bulgaria and the EU.

From 2001 until today, the institute has funded the first independent online channel in the area of health in Bulgaria. The site is the only nationally respected health website funded by an NGO. The number of institutions, companies, and NGOs who rely on as a credible source of information constantly increases.

IHHII-BG maintains the website, organizes online discussions, monitors and collects press clippings on health matters and features a monthly analysis of health topics. The NGO supports a health information center, publishes books and articles, and organizes international conferences and events. IHHII is also contact point for the European Tobacco Index and the European Headache Index in Bulgaria.