The Scout Association in Mexico

The Scout Association in Mexico Teaches Self-Reliance to Youth

The Scout Association in Mexico (La Asociacion de Scouts de Mexico) contributes to the education of young people ages 7 to 21 in Mexico and around the world. It teaches them a value-based system (the scout promise and law) that makes each of them the principal agent in his or her development and encourages them to build a better world.

The organization operates in sections based on age and is organized nationally as well as by region, province, district, and group. There are about 700 scout groups that exist across the country, serving thousands of young people in Mexico and their communities.

The nonprofit received several donations of Microsoft software through OSC Digital, the donation program of Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia (CEMEFI), the Mexican partner of the TechSoup Global Network. The Microsoft donations allowed the association to bring its operating systems up to date and to install new applications and an Internet server. All these improvements help the organization to provide better service to scout affiliates.