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Web Development

Spotlight: The Meet and Code Award Winners

Meet and Code aims to make digital skills accessible to every young European. See the winners in the four categories of the 2019 competition!

June 03, 2020

IT Security

Keeping Your Nonprofit's Systems Secure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of the transition to a remote workforce during COVID-19, your nonprofit’s security systems need more protection. Find out how to keep them safe!

April 03, 2020


Corporate Impact Investing Tips from Alternative Finance Leaders

Impact Finance Center, Net Impact, and TechSoup piloted the first of its kind corporate financial innovation and impact investing course. Discover more!

March 23, 2020


Women and the Digital Divide

Digital divide refers to inequality in access to technology around the world. Discover how nonprofits help women gain the skills for the technology sector.

March 11, 2020

Social Media

MEGAPHONE: Helping Human Rights Activists Collaborate and Improve

MEGAPHONE is TechSoup Europe's international two-day event that provides space for collaborative discussions and peer-to-peer learning. Read more about it!

March 10, 2020


Boost: How to Get the Most out of TechSoup

Boost is an annual subscription service that provides your nonprofit with deeper discounts and waived admin fees on some products. Discover TechSoup offers

March 06, 2020


January 2020 Library Tech Newsbytes

Read news about the books that defined the past decade, books that have been repeatedly banned, the sale of OverDrive, and much more.

January 10, 2020


Cyber Legal Clinics Create Access to Employment

Read how a library and a legal service improved access to civil legal justice for low-income rural community members, with a cyber legal clinic.

January 09, 2020


How the Microsoft Digital Skills Center Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

Last year TechSoup Courses and Microsoft launched the Microsoft Digital Skills Center for nonprofits of all sizes. Discover more about it and improve your NGO!

January 09, 2020


How to Start Podcasting at Your Nonprofit

Through a podcast, a nonprofit can microtarget a specific group with specific interests. And starting a podcast is easier than you think. Discover more!

December 20, 2019


The Best Games to Help You Learn Coding in 2019

Traditional coding courses can be seriously dry. These games will help you skill up while living it up. When something's more fun, it's more motivating.

November 05, 2019


How Microlearning Can Make Your Training More Effective (and Less Boring)

Microlearning is an approach to training that emphasizes the delivery of content in bite-sized chunks. It allows smooth onboarding and refresh training.

October 25, 2019