camera on tripod and supporting microphone points over the water to a setting or rising sun

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2019 at Your Nonprofit

These days, it's never been more important to produce quality materials that tell your nonprofit's story to the world. This year's annual report. A fun video showcasing a volunteer event. Memes for social media. Really, anything that illustrates the great work you do at your organization. Regardless, it's key to use professional-level software in order to create something that really stands out.

But not everyone's an expert at using tools like Photoshop or Premiere Pro, which are arguably the best-known photo and video editing applications on the market. For this reason, Adobe also offers easy-to-use and affordable alternatives to these programs: Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2019. Packed with tutorials, guided options, and templates, these applications make producing creative materials a breeze — even if you're a novice.


Take a look at this video that we created to showcase some of the awesome stuff you can make at your nonprofit today. Enjoy!