Wediko Children's Services

Tech Donations Extend Life of Old Computers at Nonprofit Serving Kids

Wediko Children's Services is a nonprofit organization committed to improving children's lives. For the past 75 years, Boston-based Wediko has responded to the needs of children who face repeated obstacles to development due to emotional, behavioral, environmental, and learning issues. Through its flexible services and multidisciplinary training programs, the organization develops partnerships with children in need and their families, schools, and community. Wediko has three main programs: Wediko School, Wediko Summer, and school-based services.

Wediko recently faced major challenges when trying to update their IT infrastructure that hadn't been kept current for years. It needed an updated secure server environment, but it faced a limiting budget. Working with a local tech firm and thanks to Microsoft donations, Wediko was able to complete these updates. By converting its slower computers to terminals, Wediko was able to extend the life of the current workstations at little cost. As new staff comes on board, the organization only needs a cheaper client device, which saves it hundreds of dollars.

Staff is often split in different locations. By implementing Terminal Services, Wediko employees are able to access critical business applications like email and the student database from any location. By implementing terminal services instead of having to purchase new workstations, Wediko was able to divert funds from its IT budget to programming.