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We're Expanding Our Refurbished Computers Program to Meet New Demands

As COVID-19 moves across the country, nearly all businesses and educational institutions have shifted to remote work and distance learning. As a result, the demand for resources to support that shift have taken a sharp upturn — particularly, the demand for laptop computers. In response, TechSoup is working with our partners to expand our inventory of laptops by adding more Condition B products to our catalog.

"Condition B" means that products may have cosmetic defects that do not affect the machine's operability such as wear on keyboards and hand-rest areas, minor screen blemishes, and scratches and nicks on the outer case. While these computers may not look the best, you can be assured they will perform just as well as their Condition A counterparts. And, they are all still backed with our one-year warranty.

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TechSoup's Refurbished Computers for Nonprofits program relies on a supply chain that is fed by computers that come from corporate donations and ITAD companies throughout the country and the world. Like so many others, this supply chain has been severely disrupted due to COVID-19, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the increased demand for these products. As always, we will continue to monitor supply chains and will make further adjustments as supply and demand require. And we continue to welcome corporate donations of their aged computers for refurbishment and a second life supporting the great work that nonprofits do. Contact us here to donate.

Read this article to learn more about our program and the product conditions for refurbished hardware. TechSoup's Refurbished Computers for Nonprofits program has distributed more than 130,000 refurbished pieces of equipment to nonprofits since 2006, providing high-quality, business-class computers while keeping computers in use and out of landfills. We are proud to continue this effort throughout the current crisis, and we are grateful for the ability to adapt this program so that we may provide as many low-cost resources to nonprofits as possible.


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