West Coast Aquatics

Software Donation Helps Swim Program Recruit Minority Kids

West Coast Aquatics (WEST) provides high-quality aquatic programs to people of all ages in San Jose, California. The organization offers individuals an opportunity to become elite-level athletes in a world-class facility. WEST's programs emphasize a healthy lifestyle, free of drugs, smoking, and violence. WEST is also committed to increasing multicultural ethnic and socioeconomic diversity and to fostering an inclusive environment at all levels of competitive swimming.

Through a Pacific Swimming Diversity Grant, WEST offers instruction to 50 middle-school students, many of whom are minority youth. The program is intended to prevent drowning deaths, which are disproportionately higher among minority youth. It also aims to provide kids with a positive recreational outlet and to broaden the scope of competitive aquatic athletes.

A donation of Microsoft software has helped WEST achieve its goals. WEST used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation for young people and their parents that conveys the importance and joy of swimming. The presentation has helped WEST find recruits for its swim program and meet its commitment to diversity.