Women Unlimited

Tech Donations Empower Women's Career Choices

Women Unlimited trains women to enter fields where they are normally under-represented, such as the construction and transportation industries. The Augusta, Maine–based nonprofit began by helping women obtain Class B licenses so they could operate trucks and other large vehicles. Women Unlimited has since expanded and now offers training to underrepresented minorities and disadvantaged workers such as ex-offenders. The organization works closely with the Maine Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to place clients into on-the-job training positions.

Like many nonprofits, Women Unlimited is a small organization with a limited budget. TechSoup offers the technology support needed for daily operations. Donated Microsoft Office software allows for easy scheduling and communication. Donated Adobe software makes it possible to keep an up-to-date web presence to inform clients of upcoming events and training opportunities. The security of Women Unlimited's documents are ensured through donated Symantec software.

TechSoup's support doesn't stop there: through its online forums and resources, Women Unlimited has learned how to get the most of its donated software.