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9 Gifts for the Nonprofit Person in Your Life

Gift giving can be tricky when it comes to the nonprofit person in your life. You want to offer something thoughtful, but also something that's eco-friendly and consciously made. Here are a few fun, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift ideas for the holiday season.

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1. Global Scratch-Off Map

Does the nonprofit person in your life work for an organization that has global impact? A scratch-off map is a quirky and fun way to showcase areas of the globe where their organization is involved, and it makes for great, interactive office decor.

world map showing two areas partially scratched off

2. Card Catalog Note Set

Is the nonprofit person in your life a librarian, or generally bookish? If so, they will appreciate this nostalgic replica card catalog box filled with 30 note cards from the Library of Congress.

card catalog boxes with sample cards

3. Feminist Icon Poster

These iconic posters showcase several women who have paved the way in the areas of education, environmentalism, and law. These sketches will definitely be appreciated by those who are also trying to pave the way.

minimalist poster of Malala Yousafzai

4. GDPR Compliant Throw Pillow

For many nonprofits this year, becoming compliant with GDPR was a huge milestone. Besides that seal of trust on their website, why not celebrate in an analog way with this pillow for the office couch? This will make office guests rest easy knowing their data is safe.

5. Fundraising Tracker Decal

Drawing on the walls is acceptable with this fundraising tracker decal. Keep the fundraising finish line in clear sight with this tactile gift to keep goals on track.

thermometer decal showing percentages of goal that can be filled in

6. Online Nonprofit Courses

Give the zero-waste gift of continuing education through online courses. Whether it be leadership, fundraising, policy, or marketing, there are several online nonprofit courses that can be gifted with a few short clicks.

course banner showing title, logo, and three workers in front of a computer monitor

7. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Who doesn't love bubble wrap? And better yet, who doesn't love bubble wrap that keeps you on schedule? This is definitely the least eco-friendly gift on the list, but a great option for the person who already has everything.

calendar made from bubble wrap

8. Donation to Their Favorite Organization

If your friend is selfless and truly doesn't want any gifts, you can always make a contribution to the nonprofit they work at, volunteer with, or support.

9. Nonprofit Coffee Mug

Paraphrasing the famous saying, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" (inspired by Mahatma Gandhi), this quote is the perfect daily reminder. This eco-friendly coffee mug will have your favorite nonprofit staffer refueling on both coffee and inspiration.

white mug with black lettering saying be the change


All photos used with permission