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Apps for Fundraising, In-Kind Gifts, and Volunteering

The last few years have been a pivotal time for nonprofits around the globe, with many organizations needing to find ways to digitally keep their operations running. At TechSoup, we make an effort to raise awareness of specific technology solutions that can help nonprofits, whether it's addressing food insecurity, challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, or other issue areas.

This past November, we held our most recent Public Good App House event to demonstrate technology solutions for fundraising directly from your virtual events, tracking volunteer hours, creating in-kind giving pages, and accepting cryptocurrency donations.

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The event was opened by Kathleen Murphy Toms from GivingTuesday, where she shared the latest from GivingTuesday, as well as how critical data collection is for the social sector. Watch her introduction:

Below, you can take a look at all the other great presentations from the event. Enjoy!


Our demos were kicked off by Every.org COO, Tina Roh. This technology platform connects people and nonprofits through a simple and social giving experience. Built by a nonprofit, the tool allows other nonprofits to accept crypto donations by generating a free donate button or unique link. Every.org also allows your organization to receive cash in order to avoid additional accounting or legal hassles. Check out the demo:

Give InKind

With Give InKind, you can easily create a page for your cause, letting others know exactly how they can get involved and help. Demonstrated by Give InKind's CEO, Laura Malcolm, the tool allows you to easily create a page and customize what's needed, whether it's donations, volunteers, meals, or something else. Check out the demo below to learn how organizations are using Give InKind's free platform to drive digital gift card donations for distribution:


With Pledge, any Zoom meeting can become a fundraiser for nonprofits. Through the Donations by Pledge app, nonprofits can easily host virtual events with a call to action in place. Not only does the app offer a text-to-donate option for attendees dialing in via their mobile phones, but you can also enable an "I donated" virtual background for attendees to use and share. Check out the demo below by Pledge CEO James Citron:

Track It Forward

Volunteer time tracking can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tool. Demoed by founder and CEO James McBryan, Track It Forward allows volunteers to log hours instantly, review past hours, and check progress towards requirements, as well as sign up for new upcoming activities. Watch the demo to learn how Track It Forward can help streamline the time-tracking process for volunteers and coordinators:

We continue to explore and discover how tech can help us address challenges for nonprofits, and we have many more demo events planned for 2022. If you know of any apps that should be showcased, let us know in the TechSoup Community Forums.

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