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How to Support NGOs Working to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis in India

India is currently experiencing a spike in COVID-19 deaths and cases. See a list of NGOs eligible to receive donations from individuals outside of India.

June 10, 2021


TechSoup's Joaquin Alvarado and Helping to Close the Digital Divide

Learn more about the interesting story of the ABC for Students program, and how an engaged board member, a marketing team, and thousands of members helped!

June 09, 2021


Top 2021 TechSoup Products for Large-Sized Organizations

For organizations of different sizes, some products are more appropriate than others. Find out more about our top 10 products for large-sized organizations!

June 07, 2021


Top 2021 TechSoup Products for Medium-Sized Organizations

TechSoup equips organizations with the technology solutions they need to further their mission. Discover our top 10 products to better serve your communities!

May 25, 2021


How TechSoup Services Can Support Your Nonprofit

Besides discounted and donated products for nonprofits and libraries, TechSoup offers an entire array of services. Discover some of our most popular offerings!

May 19, 2021


TechSoup Is Now a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner — What That Means for You

Discover what means TechSoup's new Gold Certified Microsoft Partner status, why it is important, and what this means for our members and for your organization!

May 18, 2021

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Top 4 Reasons Nonprofits Join TechSoup

Technology has become more crucial than ever before. Here are four big reasons to join TechSoup if you are not yet a member. It's totally free to sign up!

May 17, 2021


How TechSoup's COVID-19 Recovery Fund Helps Nonprofits

In April of 2020, TechSoup launched the COVID-19 Recovery Fund. Discover its purpose and global impact and how it helps nonprofits deliver vital services!

March 26, 2021

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TechSoup Stands Against Hate

Read TechSoup's message addressing the spread in the U.S. of xenophobic and hateful conduct against Asian Americans.

March 23, 2021


How We Develop TechSoup Courses for Nonprofit Skills Training

TechSoup's courses are designed to help nonprofits learn and use the skills they need to maximize their work. Discover how we develop the courses and more!

February 17, 2021


A New Year of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at TechSoup

Last June, TechSoup committed our support to the Black Lives Matter movement and formalized an Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity program. Learn more about it!

February 01, 2021


Microsoft 365 and Office 365 for Health Organizations

Discover the top benefits of Microsoft Cloud for health organizations, which Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license you need, and how TechSoup can help you.

January 19, 2021