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The Best Coding and Tech Job Skills Scholarships for 2021

Coding bootcamps allow people to start a career in coding, software, web development. If your patrons are interested in a coding scholarship, read more here!

April 01, 2021


March 2021 Library Tech Newsbytes

Discover what's new in library tech! Read about the cop-free library movement, the best 3D printers for 2021, the Build America's Libraries Act and many more.

March 11, 2021


February 2021 Library Tech Newsbytes

Read the newsbytes about the IRS Free File Program, the Smart Bird Feeder, apps for patrons with hearing loss, and more. Find out what's new in library tech!

February 11, 2021


January 2021 Library Tech Newsbytes

Read January’s library tech newsbytes about the Build America's Libraries Act, what your patrons are actually doing with e-books and audiobooks, and more.

January 11, 2021


Public Libraries Promote Digital Careers and Help Job Seekers

Ensuring that training is relevant to the most in-demand jobs has never been more critical. Libraries continue to step up to fill the gap. Read more about it!

January 08, 2021


December 2020 Library Tech Newsbytes

Read news about the big publishing merger, the year's best books, a library automation survey, video streaming clubs, books via drone, and lots more!

December 10, 2020


PLA's DigitalLead Helps Libraries Address the Digital Divide

The Public Library Association, Microsoft, TechSoup, and Mobile Beacon have joined in an initiative to increase access to technology in rural communities.

December 08, 2020


November 2020 Library Tech Newsbytes

What's new today? Visit the Library Tech Newsbytes for a variety of fun and useful news items for you to read right now. Here's our lineup this month.

November 09, 2020


Keep Your Library Team Learning with TechSoup Courses

TechSoup provides library basics for library staff and covers a wide range of topics. Many libraries have similar training needs. Learn more about courses!

November 05, 2020


October 2020 Library Tech Newsbytes

October’s newsbytes are structured around internet access, online tools for distance learning, and webinars. Find out when you can join the conferences!

October 05, 2020


The 5 Top Social Media Tips, Tricks, and Trends for Libraries

Discover the latest social media trends for libraries and take your activity to the next level. Learn how to attract and engage your community online.

October 02, 2020


September 2020 Library Tech Newsbytes

September's newsbytes are structured around the new virtual school year. Find out about a huge laptop shortage throughout the country and how you can help!

September 08, 2020