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Web Development

5 Key Takeaways from the 2019 NTC Conference

Each year, TechSoup staff attend the NTEN-NTC nonprofit technology conference to catch up with the newest tech trends. Here's what we learned this year.

March 27, 2019

Project Management

Using Adobe Sign for E-Signatures at Your Nonprofit

Discover the benefits of using an electronic signature solution for your nonprofit. Find out how Adobe Sign (an Adobe Document Cloud solution) can help you streamline the document signing process!

January 16, 2019


How TechSoup Uses DocuSign to Serve Multisite Nonprofits

Securing signatures on critical documents remains a common challenge for nonprofits. Read more about our way of using e-signatures with DocuSign.

October 19, 2018


What Could Impact Investing Mean for Nonprofits … and TechSoup?

Many nonprofits struggle to raise the money we need to scale. Does impact investment represent an opportunity for nonprofits to overcome this gap?

October 18, 2018


3 Tips to Streamline Your Document Management

An online document management system is an automated way of organizing, capturing, and securing your digital files. Read more!

October 09, 2018


How the Nonprofit Sector Can Become More Stable and Sustainable

How can nonprofits build their capacity, expertise, funding streams, human capital, and synergy with stakeholders? Read more!

September 27, 2018

IT Security

Your Copiers Are Storing Confidential Information: What You Can Do About It

Modern commercial copiers and multifunction printers are actually computers with hard drives and network connectivity. Read more!

September 14, 2018


Video: How Volunteers Can Use Office and Microsoft 365 F1 Licenses

Microsoft 365 F1 licenses were designed for first-line workers who only require basic software functionality. Read more!

July 19, 2018


Let ADP for Nonprofits Handle Your Payroll Chores

ADP is a great tool for nonprofits. Find out how your nonprofit can access discounted rates for ADP! Read more!

June 27, 2018

Project Management

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Tech Startups

Nonprofits can actually learn a great deal from for-profit startup companies when it comes to launching a new program or service. Read more!

April 26, 2018


What Are the Benefits of a More Diverse Board of Directors?

A recent study suggests that nonprofits can benefit from greater diversity among their board members. Find out why.

March 06, 2018

IT Security

Keeping Nonprofits Secure Through Improved Identity Management

The task of protecting sensitive information has become increasingly complex. Single sign-on (SSO) services can change that. Learn more.

February 19, 2018